It’s Time to Vote!

Concerned Parents has received your questions about the upcoming Annual Election beginning May 7th. In an attempt to help our busy community we have gathered information on both the candidates and the bylaw changes. It is posted under the links above. It’s great that so many talented candidates are running, and we hope that the elected Board members will lead our school forward in the open, positive manner so many have asked for. Please remember that the most important thing for Peak to Peak is that you all vote and participate in the process. The school is using paper ballots this year, and you should have received yours in the mail recently.

Concerned Parents endorses Lisa Blumensaadt-Sicker and Sandy Ray for two of the open Board seats. Ms. Blumensaadt-Sicker and Ms. Ray have demonstrated a deep commitment to our school and are uniquely qualified to work constructively with our Board and administration to make Peak to Peak it’s very best. To read more about our endorsement and see answers to our candidate questionnaire, click here.

Because there are three open seats and many strong candidates, Concerned Parents reached out to all the candidates with a short questionnaire and received answers from three candidates, Ms. Blumensaadt-Sicker, Mr. Robert Friar and Ms. Ray. We are pleased that these three were open to our dialogue and feel that this is telling about their attitude towards openness with the Community. We will add the answers from others as we receive additional responses. If you support a particular candidate, please tell us why. Your opinions are valuable, and the democratic process works best when we all participate.

Many have asked about the proposed bylaw changes. We have completed a full analysis of these and recommend voting FOR issues 1 and 5 and AGAINST issues 2,3,4 and 6.

Concerned Parents is a parent group that formed this fall with the purpose of advocating for and providing a collective voice for the Peak to Peak community. We strive to ensure that all information we disseminate or post on our website is factual and verifiable. Concerned Parents is not a P2P sponsored organization. We disseminate our information to those who have asked to be included, did not opt out of our emails, or have expressed interest in other ways. We reserve the right to remove emails from our list and we do not, nor do we have the capability to, disseminate information to every household or community member of Peak to Peak.